Treatments & PROCEDURES

Pre Treatment

Before your visit, and for optimal results:

  • Do not wax the treatment area for at least 2 weeks prior to your visit.

  • Do not shave or use depilatory creams for several days prior to your visit.

  • If you prefer, you may cut long hair short with scissors.

  • Avoid laser hair removal or other light based treatments, skin facials 2 weeks prior to your visit.


What to Expect During Treatment

When you visit our office, we will make you feel comfortable from the moment you step through the doors. At the initial consultation, we will discuss what you would like to accomplish and go over your medical history. We will thoroughly explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. With your goals in mind, we will provide you with a customized treatment plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. 

Our approach to permanent hair removal is safe and effective for all hair colors and skin types, and we treat women, men and transgender including:

  • Face: upper lip, chin, neck and reshaping of the sides of the face and the hairline.

  • Body: underarms, bikini, legs, arms, stomach, back, butt, inner thighs, genitals and areola/breasts.​​

Post Treatment

There are no permanent side effects of  electrolysis only some temporary redness and slight swelling immediately following treatment. These side effects subside within minutes to a couple of days.

After your treatment:

  • Avoid picking on skin post treatment as skin is compromised and an infection may arise.

  • Avoid facial scrubs, the use of AHAs, skin treatments or any form of facials for at least 2 weeks post treatment.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure for 24 hours.

  • Wear sunblocks width zinc oxide or SPF 30+ everyday.


5 minutes:

10 minutes:

15 minutes:

30 minutes

45 minutes:

60 minutes:

Genitalia work:

Things To Remember:

  1. Treatments are by appointment only.

  2. Cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance, with exceptions for emergencies.

  3. No-shows will result in billing as usual.

  4. Please be prompt to avoid losing treatment time.

  5. Consultations and treatments are performed in the strictest confidence.

Pricing & Plans:








Depending on your individual needs, we will design a custom treatment plan for you during your fir​st visit.